Shital Aggarwal BSc., Co Founder and Co Trainer

Cofounder of Apsara FoundationShital is very talented in ethnic Indian arts and crafts. As a young mother, Shital was passionately involved with educating visually challenged and street children of Delhi and Gurgaon.

Later in the UAE, for several years, she worked tirelessly to raise funds for repatriation of  women prisoners to their home countries. She also taught them skills that helped them earn money without resorting to crime.

Her natural compassion and people skills are invaluable to Apsara Foundation for igniting the minds and hearts of the young.

Shital is a certified Trainer of ‘New Age Learning and Reading Skills’ and an expert on Mind Mapping. she enjoys Bridge, Music and travelling.

Ajay Aggarwal – BE,MBA – CEO and Master Trainer

Ajay AggarwalAjay is a successful business leader having worked with reputed  international companies in top management positions . He  established several profitable new businesses, harnessing the determination & skills of  talented people working with him.

Ajay is certified trainer of Dr Steven Covey’s transformational ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ ,  ‘4 Disciplines of Execution’ and ‘Situational Leadership’. He has trained and coached senior executives of companies like Microsoft, Tata, Bharti, etc.

He believes that quality education is the key to unlocking individual potential and transforming society. After extensive research he authored New Age Learning and Reading Skills published by S Chand Publishing in 2013 and reprinted in 2015. He also developed the widely acclaimed interactive workshops to teach these skills.

Ajay writes for professional magazines like The Progressive Teacher.He is widely travelled and comfortable working with diverse cultures and beliefs. He enjoys golf and reading.

Ravi Ahuja, Co Founder

Ravi is an engineer and Post Graduate in Marketing  Management. He has rich of experience with multinational organizations in leadership positions. He brings to Apsara  Foundation his meticulous organization and planning skills.

Rachna Ahuja, Co Founder

Rachna is a Post Graduate in Political Science. She is committed to help uplift the economically underprivileged. She focuses on mentoring and supporting children in need. Out of lime light, she provides administrative support to Apsara activities.

Pooja Arora  BTech. MBA, Communication Director

Pooja AroraPooja has  international   experience in USA and South East Asia, in leadership positions with Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

Even as a young corporate leader, she devoted significant time and energy working with blind and delinquent teens. She has now founded Vaidhyam Wellness, in the wellness space and Flex Talent for placing talent with companies for short term assignments.

Based in Singapore she brings youthful energy and enthusiasm to Apsara Foundation and manages the organization’s outreach and communication requirements.She

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