Apsara Foundation

Apsara Foundation logoApsara Foundation established in 2011 believes that every child must get

  1.  Equal opportunity to quality education.
  2. Be taught new age learning and reading skills necessary to realise their academic potential.

This vision   was the result of a 2009  “Program for International Students Assessment” PISA test conducted by OECD in which Indian students ranked 71 of 73 countries.

To understand why  students from S Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore , Finland, Japan and China came out on top, Apsara Foundation’s research discovered that besides excellent infrastructure, these countries made sure that teachers and students were skilled in practicing the following new age learning tools.

  1.  Mind Mapping: Developed by Tony Buzan is the skill of visualising and organising information for preparing  excellent notes. This saves time, boosts understanding and memory manifold.
  2. Long Term Memory Techniques: The skill of associating information to recall large amounts of facts and figures effortlessly.
  3. Preparing for exams: The science of practicing different ‘question types’ to score top marks.
  4. Scheduling: Planning first things first, ensuring  time for all around personal development.
  5. Listening Skills: For improved concentration in class & interpersonal relationships.
  6. Speed Reading: Skill to read 400+  words per minute with 80 % comprehension. Saves 50 % time.
  7. Whole Brain Learning: Learning to use both left and right sides of the brain increases ‘intelligence’ exponentially.

Consequently, Apsara Foundation decided to developed  content for teaching these learning tools for teachers and students.

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